What makes us different

Through extensive research and development, we have developed a template for production processes, design and energy efficiency measures that ensure Orchard Estate homes work hard for your family and the environment in equal measure.

Super insulation, airtight design, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and solar PV panels all contribute to optimise energy efficiency…

Energy Efficiency

Plot positioning, room planning, thermal efficiency and upper floor construction are all critical elements of our considered design process…


Our production process involves construction that is sustainable and low maintenance, working with local businesses building homes off-site…

Production Process

Breathable paint, data cabling, a dedicated services area and secure home delivery, are some of the touches that make our homes so special…

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Energy efficiency


Renewable Energy

Incorporating appropriate forms of renewable energy such as solar PV, solar thermal, air source and ground source heat pumps and even hydro systems which are used to deliver low cost, low carbon energy.


Whole house ventilation system

A constant supply of pre-heated air reduces the need for space heating and gives a more comfortable interior environment.


Air source heat pumps

A renewable energy source provides home heating and hot water, so no gas bills, no oil bills, no running out of fuel, no oil tanks and payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Solar PV panels

Free energy from daylight powers the heat pump technology and makes a significant contribution to your home’s energy needs while providing an annual income through the Feed In Tariff.



Walls and roofs are super-insulated with materials free from toxins often found in traditional insulations, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.


Under-floor heating

Efficient at providing consistent warmth without hot or cold spots and no wall space lost to radiators, this comes with closely zoned control for greater comfort.



Triple-glazed windows are highly insulated for optimum soundproofing and a warmer interior.


Lighting and appliances

Low energy lighting and minimum A-rated domestic goods throughout our homes reduce energy consumption.


Smart meters

We insert smart electricity meters in our kitchens to help you understand how your home uses and generates energy. You’ll see what you are paying for and what you are earning.



We conserve rainwater for re-use in the garden and fit water-efficient devices throughout the home. Permeable driveways reduce surface water run-off, better for the environment.



External letter-boxes eliminate unwanted draughts.




Careful positioning of our homes on the plot optimises renewable energy generation, natural light and solar gain and improves energy savings.


Room planning

Careful room planning and full-height windows bring in maximum natural light, less artificial light reduces energy consumption and creates a greater sense of wellbeing.

The regular form of our buildings provides more internal space in relation to wall area, so greater room areas and more usable layouts, with high, vaulted ceilings for an airy interior.


Thermal efficiency

We take a ‘fabric first’ approach to our buildings, ensuring a highly insulated envelope of walls, roof, windows and floor slab with overall U-values typically of 0.13W/m2 or better. Three times more insulated than a typical new home.


Lifetime home

The ground floor room planning of our homes accords with Lifetime Homes principles.


Upper floor construction

Cement screed floor construction reduces sound transfer between floors for a quieter environment and better thermal performance than a typical suspended timber floor.



Low maintenance, natural materials

We select exterior materials for their sustainable, low-maintenance properties from certified sources. These include FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved timber cladding and BRE (Building Research Establishment) A-rated, recycled roof tiles and breathable lime render.


Local economy

We build our homes working with local businesses to support the local economy and reduce transport CO2 miles. The timber frames we use, for example, are constructed in Saffron Walden in Essex, our roof tiles at Meldreth in Cambridgeshire.


Off-site construction

Building our homes substantially off-site in factory conditions enables us to produce highly airtight buildings through precision construction, minimising heat loss through unwanted gaps and cracks. Construction is quicker, quieter and disturbance is lower.




We use natural, breathable paints with a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content.


Data cabling

Cat 6 data cabling is provided throughout our homes for secure reliable data connection, so no need for Wi-Fi.


Hot water

Over-sized, stratified hot water tanks supply simultaneous, constant hot water to all bathrooms simultaneously.


Dedicated services room

We create dedicated space for the building’s services, so heating, hot water, power generation, control panels, consumer units and telecoms are all in one place for your convenience.


Secure delivery

We install a convenient, secure drop-off locker for internet and other goods delivery.



A dedicated, secure bike store for convenient cycle use.

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