We're sure that you will have plenty of questions about the way we do things. Here are some of the more common ones from our clients and of course, we welcome yours if they aren't covered.

How much more expensive are your homes relative to conventional ones?

With our understanding of low energy technologies and established suppliers, our homes cost no more than a conventional one and will earn our customers money.

How long does the building process take from design to completion?

With planning permission in place we can design and complete a home in six months. Site time is much reduced due to our off-site construction techniques; the building envelope can be finished in one week.

To what degree are your homes ‘Lifetime Homes’ and what does this mean in practice?

Our homes comply with the Lifetime Homes requirements which provide a more flexible accommodation for different generations living within the home.

How future-proof are the energy efficiency components of your home?

As electricity, gas and oil prices rise, the relative benefits of Orchard Estate homes increase. The technologies are robust and are backed up by long-term warranties.

What sort of servicing is required and if things go wrong how easy and costly is it to get them fixed?

We recommend an annual service of the equipment as you would with traditional systems. Our local suppliers can carry out services at competitive rates.

Are there show homes I can visit?

Our homes tend to be purchased during their construction but some of our proud customers are happy to show potential buyers around; we can certainly help with this.

I’m undertaking a self-build project – which of your energy efficiency measures are most easily incorporated for a greener home?

Rather than cherry pick one measure we would always recommend a group of measures that most efficiently operate together to maximise savings and earnings.

Which of your energy efficiency measures can I best incorporate into my current, older-style home?

The installation of a solar PV system offers the best energy savings and earnings with the least disruption.

Are your designs and energy-efficiency measures adaptable to older style constructions?

Not readily; we concentrate on providing new homes that incorporate a joined up series of measures and technologies.

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