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Orchard Estate designs and builds low energy, environmentally responsible homes from sustainable materials for the needs of today’s family.

High quality, comfort and wellbeing come from a fabric-first approach, careful room planning, extensive natural light, healthy living construction practices and renewable energy sources.

Orchard Estate also offers assistance to self-builders, providing a development management service. This helps to deliver exceptional homes at exceptional value using our technologies and supply chains.

Orchard Estate was born in 2010 out of a research and development project for The Carbon Trust. Led by Russell Tame – a chartered surveyor with 25 years experience developing buildings in the UK; EMEA and Australia – the Carbon Trust wished to address ways to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption from the built environment. The slow response from the house-building sector towards lower energy homes led Russell to set up Orchard Estate.

Exceptional green homes

Orchard Estate uses technologies and materials that reduce the need for energy in the home.

Typically our homes operate with heat pump technologies, so there are no gas or oil bills. Additionally homeowners can enjoy a regular income from the Government through the Feed In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes. We aim for Orchard Estate homes to operate at nil net cost for space and water heating.

Super insulation, airtight design, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and solar PV panels all contribute to optimise energy efficiency…

Energy Efficiency

Plot positioning, room planning, thermal efficiency and upper floor construction are all critical elements of our considered design process…


Our production process involves construction that is sustainable and low maintenance, working with local businesses building homes off-site…

Production Process

Breathable paint, data cabling, a dedicated services area and secure home delivery, are some of the touches that make our homes so special…

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